2018 Annual Report Cone Health Foundation is proud of the investments we have made and the partnerships we have forged in our funding focus areas: Access to Health Care, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, HIV, and Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders. In our 21st year of service, we remain committed to what is fundamentally important to us and share the values that guide our work: • Integrity – we are trustworthy stewards of resources and hold ourselves accountable for doing the right thing to advance our charitable mission. • Partnership – we are a committed and thoughtful ally working to understand the needs and aspirations of our partners and intended beneficiaries. When we lead, we do so with humility and empathy. • Equity and dignity – we respect all people and honor inclusion, bringing those at the margins of our society to the center of our work; ensuring that our Greensboro neighbors have the opportunity to be healthy. Since 1997, Cone Health Foundation has awarded more than $91 million in the greater Greensboro area in the form of 1,631 grants and contributions. For more information about the Foundation, visit conehealthfoundation.com and follow us on Facebook.