b'Follow Your Heart to ThePink Ribbon Luncheon!Since 2004, the Pink Ribbon Luncheon has raised more than $820,000 for the Pink Ribbon Fund at Alamance Regional Medical Center. The Pink Ribbon Fund allows people in our community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer access to necessary resources and diagnostic procedures they may not otherwise be able to afford. When you sponsor this event, you are helping local patients with one or more of these items through the Pink Ribbon Fund:Lymphedema Sleeve ($500+)Mammogram ($200) Wig ($200+) Prosthesis ($200+) Utilities ($100+) Camisole ($70+)Groceries ($50+) Bra ($40+) Transportation ($20+)IMPACTING PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY April 2022Deborah was in an accident that totaled her scooter. TwoAlliance Convention Centerweeks later she found out she had breast cancer. DeborahBurlingtonhad no transportation to get to her appointments, pick up herAttendance: 700+prescriptions and groceries, or go to the laundromat. Thanks to the Pink Ribbon Fund, she was able to get a newAudience: Sponsors, Hospital scooter and assistance with her rent, utilities and groceries. Leaders and Administrators, Women and Men who I have seen first-hand how the Pink Ribbonsupport Cancer CareFund can lift a weight off the shoulders ofTable for 8: $750breast cancer patients, allowing them to Table for 10: $850focus on their own health instead of how they will afford to pay their bills.- Sheena Lambert, RN, BSN, OCN, BCCCPCoordinator/Nurse Navigator, Cone Health Cancer Center, Alamance RegionalSee back for sponsorship levels for this event.'