b'Philanthropyfuels a healthy community. Philanthropy is a critical resource to help make sure we stay at the forefront of medical innovations and also offer programming and facilities to serve women, children, seniors, underserved populationsand every one of our neighbors. At Cone Health, were tackling our communitys health challenges at their root by looking at whats threatening the physical, mental and social well-being of our neighbors, and partnering to put an end to those causes. Deeply tied to the region we serve, we can respond to the specific challengesboth endemic and emergingthat affect our patients and immediately address their needs.Our philanthropy team spends time working alongside Cone Health providers. Were in the trenches, and based on what weve seen and heardand what we know to be true about Cone Healths missionwere supporting projects that:Stop the cycle of repeated doctor visits. Invest in programs and approaches that keep our community well for the long term. Position resources in the neighborhoods that need us most. Forge partnerships with all kinds of organizations so that we can be as effective as possible in solving health challenges across the region. Equip our providers with tools and resources that keep us at the forefront of care. Fund projects and initiatives quickly when the need is pressing and immediate. Transforming health care is a long game. Courage, persistence and collaboration will lead us forward, and we are already well on our way. Your support will help accomplish our goals so that we see positive changes sooner, in this community we call home.PICTURED, RIGHTOutstanding Patient OutcomesThe Stanley & Dorothy Frank Family Foundation established an endowment to support the Womens & Childrens Center, which had an exciting first year with 5,609 birthsincludingEric Lee Jackson III, born Feb. 19, 2021. Eric weighed about 1 pound at birth, but when he left the NICU he weighed a little over 7 pounds.2Cone Health Philanthropy'