b'Cone Health Giving ValuesWeve identified priorities where philanthropy makes a difference.PreventionForging long-term wellness relationships across the community. Helping community members overcome hurdles to good health. Avoiding disease before it takes root. Extending lives in our community.AccessServing patients in the community where they live. Connecting patients and care providers in new ways. Making sure everyone who needs care receives it in the right place, at the right time. Helping everyone in our community thrive.Outstanding Patient OutcomesFunding the innovations that keep Cone Health and our patients at the forefront of excellent care. Staying ahead so that our neighbors stay well. Leading not following.Support inTimes of Challenge Helping patients afford the treatments they need to fight disease and be well. Supporting patients as they come to terms with a diagnosis. Addressing the nonmedical factors that affect healthfinancial stress, poor nutrition and moreso they do not get in the way of getting better. Cone Health Philanthropy3'