b'21 P 0 2 T R O E N R L A U N A MEASURESOF SUCCESS 4,125+Site VisitsFY21 HIGHLIGHTSSTRATEGIC PRIORITIESThe diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategicpriorities were created to be a compass to helpguide us as we set goals and measure success.awareness & communicat ionThe value, engagement and awarenessof DEI are consistently and broadly promoted.people strategyDEI practices are woven throughout the employee life cycle (attraction to exit).social responsibili tyEconomic value and impact are present in the communities where we live and work.strategic integrat ionPolicies, programs and decision-making are viewed through an equity lens to mitigate biases, discrimination, health care inequities and exclusion practices.strategic leadershipOrganizational and individual accountability exist to achieve DEI goals and ongoing learning; authentic conversations exist for everyone.9'