b'MOVING FORWARDWITH IMPACTIn 2019, Cone Health made the commitment to advance the work of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Although swift, strategic action was required, we knew that work in this space is more of a marathon than a sprint. As a health care organization, we care for people ofall different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, beliefs and more.We promise to be right here with all those we serve, whichMARY JO CAGLE, MD, means that no one is discounted. That promise extends to ourCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,team members, and we keep it by examining our policies, practices CONE HEALTH and processes to make sure our team members feel respected, accepted and valued, and know that they belong. The commitment we make to our more than 13,000 team members ultimately impacts the lives and health outcomes for our patients and the community.As we continue our journey, hearing the voices of those 13,000 is important. Our DEI strategy will only succeed if it reflects opportunities identified by our team members. We have been intentional about welcoming diverse leaders to our Enterprise Leadership Team and Board of Trustees. We have created spacesfor respectful dialogue and invested in relevant learning to establish the foundation for achieving our DEI vision. The next phase ofwork to achieve our DEI vision is Moving From Intent to Impact.This effort can be described as taking Cone Healths DEIcommitment beyond the basics to the next level for visible change. Leveling up will require each of us to apply an equity lens to our mindsets, behaviors and the work we do every day. We have already begun to see teams prioritizing equitylike the Philanthropyoffice, ensuring that they use an equity lens to help determinewhich organizations or events we sponsor, and employees feeling more comfortable speaking up and inquiring about how decisionsare made and if the right stakeholders are at the table. By doing this, we can influence change at a deeper level and make an impact thatis sustainable and life-changing. KIVA ELLIOTT, VICE PRESIDENT Creating a Cone Health where diversity, equity and inclusion is our CHIEF DIVERSITY, EQUITY, ANDway of being requires all of us to commit to this marathon together. INCLUSION OFFICER, CONE HEALTH We all own this vision, and we must walk the talk and take action.2'