b'LEARNINGCURRICULUMPrograms created to help leaders and members SHAREPOINT AUTHENTIC INCLUSION educate themselves.SITE MOMENTS W/KIVA NETWORK GROUPS 4,125+ +100K 6Site Visits Total Emails Opened Websites CreatedGROUNDWATERAPPROACH430 team membersINCLUSION CIRCLES attendedCreated space for respectful dialogue and21brought team members together to workgroupthrough emotions and process experiences. sessions EXPLORINGEVERYDAY BIASREPRESENTATION MATTERS 660+leaders We strive to attract, hire and retain diverse talent. completedThrough intentionality, over the past 3 years, our racial diversity has moved from17% to 24% for director33% EVERY CONVERSATIONdiverse successorsabove and 30% to 50% as of 1/1/21 MATTERSfor EVP w/ CEO level. 104leaders attended the two-day virtual trainingBoard of DIRECTOR EVPlevelTRUSTEES and above w/CEO43% 24% 50%CREATING A WELCOMINGHEALTH CARE ENVIRONMENTTarget FOR LGBTQIA+PATIENTSHEALTH EQUITY 6,226team members We conducted 15+ COVID webinars and completedraised vaccine awareness in the community.35%By focusing on inclusivity, Cones goal was to dedicate 35% of vaccines to theActualBlack and brown communities. ConeINVISIBLEHealths goal was exceeded with theINFLUENCERSactual allotment of 38% of vaccinations. 5,959 38% team memberscompleted10'