b'BE THE CHANGEFOR DEI We envision a Cone Health where everyone can show up authentically and know that they belong here. The race toward this vision is a marathon and not a sprint, and we are right here with each other every step of the way.Our office will continue to guide this strategy, but its a collaborative effort. We need everyone in every department to be a part of this great work to make diversity, equity and inclusion our way of being. Lets build the best Cone Health together! To achieve our vision, were asking everyone to put on an equity lens and get involved.TAKE ACTION TODAY Check your own assumptions about people and experiences different than your own.Youre only human, and we all have them. Consider how you can use your experiences to address exclusion practices in your department. Embrace and celebrate the uniqueness we have at Cone.Encourage your team to participate in events around diversity. Be courageously curious and ask thoughtful questions first. Cultivate diverse connections with your peers across the system.BE A CHANGEMAKER! Propose and advocate for inclusive practices and policies in your department. Join an Inclusion Network Group to lift awareness and create change.KEEP LEARNING Stay educated using HLC and our Resources page.Learn more about our DEI strategy.For more information on how you can apply an equity lens every day, please use this toolkit.12'