b'PRACTICAL INNOVATIONn the mid-1980s, a groupAlleviating I of Cone Health physicians sought to improve survivalHypertensionrates of patients suffering from acute myocardial infarctioncommonly known as a heartPHYSICIAN LEAD THE TRIAL: Remote Bloodappointments. The LeBauer-attack. Their tactic? ReplacingPressure Monitoring for ResistantBrodie Center is coordinatingthe use of risky clot-bustingHypertension the research, and the team hopes drugs with a new approach Tiffany Randolph, MD to enroll 200 to 300 patients. called balloon angioplasty,Cardiologist THE PROBLEM: Nearly half of allWe assess each patients social involving the insertion andadults in the U.S.about 116 determinants of health. We have inflation of a balloon to quickly fondly. Were able to provide116 million peoplehave hypertension,health coaches and we have a open the blocked artery andalso known as high blood pressure,partnership with the YMCA where restore blood flow to the heart.world-class care because wea condition that increases the forcepatients can get diet and exercise Deemed renegades at the time,constantly come back to practicalof blood against artery walls and training, Dr. Randolph explains, Cone Health cardiologists Bruce innovation, a willingness to testcan lead to health problems,noting the indispensable roles Brodie, MD, and RichardWe constantly comenew approaches, to do thingsmillion including heart disease. Black adultsof the entire team in improving Weintraub, MD, pioneered better in ways that improve meet criteria for a hypertensionoutcomes for patients, including this life-saving procedure.back to practicalpatient outcomes, as the basis diagnosis at a rate about 7.5%pharmacists with specializedA small number of cardiologistsinnovation, aof everything we do. PEOPLE IN THE U.S.higher than white adults. cardiovascular medicine training. nationally were really settingDr. Stuckey has led continued the stage for a big internationalwillingness to testbreakthroughs as a cofounder HAVE HYPERTENSION,HOW THE TRIAL WILL HELP: THE IMPACT: With COVID-19, breakthrough, including usnew approaches, to doand current medical director ALSO KNOWN AS HIGHIn 2021, Dr. Randolph created thetheres been so much done with in Greensboro, and it wasof the LeBauer-Brodie Center Advanced Hypertension Clinic attelehealth, so we want to see if controversial at the time, saysthings better in waysfor Cardiovascular Research BLOOD PRESSURE Cone Health, designed to provideusing a strategy that employed Thomas Stuckey, MD, anotherthat improve patientand Education. The center hasaccessible, comprehensive andmore of that would help people member of the group advocatingbeen home to more than 500coordinated care for patientsget better quicker. this trendsetting procedure. outcomes, as the basisclinical trials.with high blood pressure and,For the trial, patients will Ultimately, the physiciansof everything we do. Clinicians are often cautious inin particular, to help those withhave remote blood pressure were successful. After multiplechanging their approach to care,continuing high blood pressuremonitoring. That means theyll trials were published in the New THOMAS STUCKEY, MD Dr. Stuckey says. When theyreeven after using medications tohave blood-pressure cuffs that England Journal of Medicinepart of a safe clinical trial wheretreat it. Now, using a grant forhave Bluetooth capability, and and other publications, balloonnew approaches are being tested,cardiovascular innovation fromwhen they check their blood angioplasty became thethen care changes and improvesthe North and South Carolinapressure twice a day, were able nationwide standard of care,that keep the arteries open afterfaster because your staff and yourchapter of the American Collegeto see it through the portal, Dr. helping reduce the rate ofthe balloon angioplasty and anphysicians are learning in real timeof Cardiology, Dr. Randolph isRandolph says. That allows us to deaths following a heart attackemphasis on a rapid response how they can do things differentlylaunching a 2022 study thatmanage their blood pressure in in the U.S. from 25% to 2%. Theprocess that dramatically reducedand bettersooner.employs Bluetooth technology,real time. Instead of having to wait LeBauer Cardiovascular Researchthe average wait time for heartThe LeBauer-Brodie Centerstelemedicine and communityeven a month, we will be able to Foundation, founded in 1991 byattack patients to receiveongoing national leadershippartnerships. The trial aims tomake interventions more quickly. Drs. Brodie and Stuckey andtreatment. This focus on practicalcontinues to draw top medicallower blood pressure faster,Dr. Randolph adds, I want to Denise Muncy, RN, was at theinnovation has led to benefitstalent to Cone Health. An array allowing for fewer office visits,prevent cardiovascular disease forefront of this movement.locally, with The Moses H. Coneof 31 clinical trials with nine especially for those who havebefore it happens. HypertensionIn the years to follow, ConeMemorial Hospital noted formore on deck are now underwaytrouble making in-personis one of the biggest factors we Health cardiologists played one of the lowest heart attackthere. In the stories that follow,can control.prominent roles in subsequentreadmission rates in the U.S. take a glimpse into the future To refer patients to the innovations that further improvedIts truly been the privilege of heart and vascular care at Advanced Hypertension Clinic, patient outcomes, including stentsof a lifetime, Dr. Stuckey saysCone Health. call 336-938-0800.12 / CONE HEALTH HEART & VASCULAR / 13'