b'VEEANRTTIOANG SS & PRE LLNE WEC one Healths eight-part OctoCARE modelThe OctoCARE models comprehensive services include: embraces the whole person. Through thisPHARMACY/MEDICATION NEEDS program, an interdisciplinary team navigates a wideConnect to patient assistance programs; range of factors influencing patient outcomes andaccess resources from heart failure fund; wellness. The group consists of care guides, certifiedoffer medication counseling and educationmedical assistants, exercise physiologists, nurses, pharmacists and social workers. Together, they findHOME HEALTH NEEDSthe root causes of patients health issues, providingRefer to community paramedicine a seamless continuum of care through diseaseprogram; order home health equipment; management and prevention. By addressing socialpartner with Cone Health congregational determinants of health (SDoH), they break downnursing; provide referrals to community barriers, improve access to health care, and providehome health agenciesprevention and wellness programming. Dee Talley, RN, MHA, executive director of HEALTHY FOOD AND NUTRITIONCone Healths Heart & Vascular Center, created theProvide nutritional assessments and OctoCARE concept. She credits the multidisciplinaryeducation; make food pantry referrals; team for making the program possible. offer cooking classesCaring for the heart is not just about fixing theHEALTH AND WELLNESSmechanics and rhythms of the heart, says Talley.Provide personalized physical activity Sometimes its about healing the soul of theprogramming; organize walking clubs; heart. Thats where OctoCARE plays an essentialoffer Providers Referral Exercise Program role in providing patient care to the whole person.(PREP); refer to cardiac rehabWe help patients not only heal physically but also emotionally, socially and spiritually. DISABILITY/FINANCIAL/INSURANCEProgram coordinator Jackie Brennan, LCSW,Provide referrals to the Medicare and CCSW-MCS, adds, OctoCARE is a unique modelSeniors Health Insurance Information that engages every staff member and empowersProgram (SHIIP); assist with Medicare/them to make a difference in the lives of our patients. Medicaid concerns; help with disability-By coordinating with other programs, OctoCARE isrelated aidpoised to improve the overall health of Cone HealthsHOUSING patients and that of the community. Help find temporary and permanent housing solutions; provide rental assistance; assist with home repairsHEALING A TRANSPORTATIONMOTHERS HEARTSupport Access GSO (formerly SCAT) Chandrea Taylorparatransit applications; connect patients Bell was heartbrokento Cone Health transport program and when she learnedcommunity transit resources of her postpartumMENTAL HEALTH/SUBSTANCE ABUSEcardiomyopathy diagnosis, a form of heart failureOffer depression screening; provide Illustration by Katarzyna Surmanthat results from pregnancy. Watch how the therapy referrals; create stress reduction Eight Is Great OctoCARE team helped erase the stigma she feltprogramming; host support groups; with the diagnosis and improve her condition. conduct alcohol/SA assessments and referrals to rehabCLICK OR SCAN QR CODETO PLAY VIDEO Help patients overcome barriers in their health care A NEW MULTIPRONGED MODEL OF CARE TAKESjourney. Make a donation to the CV Patient Care A HOLISTIC VIEW OF PATIENT HEALTH. Fund at conehealthphilanthropy.org. 28 / CONE HEALTH HEART & VASCULAR / 29'