b'PRACTICAL INNOVATIONBarostim Beats 6.2Heart Failure millionPHYSICIAN LEADS THE TRIAL: Baroreflex Activationthat impact heart function. TheADULTS IN THE U.S. Therapy (Barostim) clinical trial showed this treatment reduces symptoms of heart failureHAVE HEART FAILURE, James Allred, MD THE PROBLEM: About 6.2 millionsubstantially, enabling patients toA CONDITION IN WHICH Electrophysiologist adults in the U.S. have heart failure,increase physical activity that in Wells Brabham, MD a condition in which the heartturn strengthens their heart. THE HEART DOESVascular Surgeon does not pump enough blood toNOT PUMP ENOUGH Dalton McLean, MD meet the bodys needs for bloodTHE IMPACT: Cone Health was oneBLOOD TO MEETCardiologist and oxygen. Common symptomsof the highest enrollers of patients include shortness of breath, in the country for the BarostimTHE BODYS NEEDSfatigue, weakness, swelling, chestclinical trials, with heart failure pain and persistent coughing.specialist Dalton McLean, MD,Meet the InnovatorsCurrent treatments have limitedidentifying most of the patients for success in reducing symptomsthe trial with Kimberly Lutterloh,CLICK OR SCAN QR and strengthening the heart. RN, and providing cardiology careCODE TO PLAY VIDEOfor many of them. Drs. BrabhamWatch Bridgette Christopher, MD, HOW THE BAROSTIM TRIALand Allred (Cone Health PrincipalDaniel Bensimhon, MD, Tiffany HELPED: The Barostim deviceInvestigator) are among the firstRandolph, MD, and Thomas sends electrical impulses tophysicians in the U.S. to install aStuckey, MD, talk about the patient baroreceptors, which are cellsBarostim, and in June as part ofbenefits of clinical trials at Cone in the neck that sense how blooda clinical trial, they became theHealths LeBauer-Brodie Center.is traveling through the carotidfirst in the world to use a new, arteries. The baroreceptors deliverminimally invasive techniquethat information to the brain,called BATwire to implant the which sends out signals that inhibitdevice. Clinical trials on patientsPATIENT STORYthe production of stress hormoneswho received Barostim implants show that 83% improved their capacity for exercise in six months,Better With Barostim78% reported a significantly lowerCongestive heart failure once relegated Angelo He was once again able to drive; ride his motorcycle; impact of symptoms in their dailyGalloway to a sedentary lifestyle. Barely able to get and go hunting, fishing and camping with his family. lives and 80% had a reduction inup from the couch, the father of four and grandfather We do everything now, he says.their hospitalization. of 17 had to leave his job as a truck driver because Galloway added that hed do it all again in a The people in whom weveof his condition.heartbeat. His care team includes James Allred, MD, implanted Barostim have When Galloway learned of the Barostim trial at Wells Brabham, MD, and Daniel Bensimhon, MD.done great, says Dr. Brabham.Cone Healths LeBauer-Brodie Center in 2019, heReceiving Barostim is one of the best things I could Photos by Christopher EnglishTheir quality of life is better, signed up figuring he had nothing to lose. An avidhave ever done. If I hadnt, I feel like I would have been their energys better, theiroutdoorsman, he wanted to return to work, if possible,gone by now, Galloway says. I was scared, but I got activitys better. and get back out and enjoy life. care from the heart and vascular department staff, the Three or four months after the Barostim device wentwhole crew. I dont do much without talking to them in, everything went back almost to normal, Gallowayfirst. I always feel like I can callthe whole Cone says. It did a great job. It turned me all the way around. Health team is special to me.HEART & VASCULAR / 17'