b'NTION VE SS & PRE LLNE WELEAPPARTNERSCone Health is proud to join with this group of partners to form the leadershipand core research members of LEAP:Research Series LEAP to a Quarterly programs on topics such as redefining food-system equity and modeling and messaging to improve child health provide a way for LEAP to Healthierreach out to the community with its broad base of research, connections and information. Data-Driven Solutions Community LEAP plans to gather data on healthy eating and physical activity to provide a wealth of specific, detailed information to area organizations.W PARTNERSHIP SOWS THE SEEDS OF A BRIGHTER FUTURE.We need to move hat are the keys to success for a TAKING ACTIONcommunity garden? Why would a food LEAP serves as atoward prevention co-op fail even in the middle of a food desert? resource for the when it comes to Why are some greenways full of people running community through and walking while others are empty? both research chronic disease management, LEAP (Lifetime Eating and Physical Activityand outreach.and LEAP provides a great Practices), a collaboration between multiple groups throughout Guilford County, aims to answer those Community Boardfoundation for improving the questions and more, and in turn build stronger, LEAPs boardhealth of our community.more successful programs to improve the health consists of people fromof the entire community.various organizations who live and workJAKE HOCHREIN, MDWe are lucky to have a lot of programs inin the communities that LEAP isour area, but we have very little data on what isrepresenting. Through the board, theyresuccessful and why, says Jake Hochrein, MD, Chief,providing a way to connect and learn. Looking at the data, potentially 80% of heart Cone Health Heart and Vascular Service Line andThis community board is now a resource forattacks are preventable due to lifestyle choices, Cone Health representative for LEAP. Im excited toanybody who needs information or support Dr. Hochrein says. Rather than addressing one be part of this program, working to provide data andwithin the scope of healthy eating and activecritically ill patient at a time, we need to move resources and building an infrastructure to improveliving, for building community programs, toward prevention when it comes to chronic disease communications between the organizations to makeapplying for grants, or providing education, management, and LEAP provides a great foundation a difference in the health of our community. Dr. Hochrein says.for improving the health of our community. 34 / CONE HEALTH HEART & VASCULAR / 35'