b'CTORYDIRE F STAFADVANCED PRACTICE PROVIDERS AND CLINICAL PHARMACISTS PHYSICIAN PRACTICESCardiology Laura Liggett, NP Cardiothoracic Surgery Advanced Cardiovascular Services, PACHMG HeartCare Glen Raven Medical Care Center Kristin Alvstad, PharmD Melissa Maccia, PharmD Erin Barrett, PA 104 W. Northwood Street, Suite E at Burlington 1611 Flora Avenue Rhonda Barrett, PA-C Jill McDaniel, NP Tessa Conte, PA-C Greensboro, NC 274011236 Huffman Mill Road, Suite 130 Burlington, NC 27217 Christopher Berge, NP Hao Meng, PA-C Wayne Gold, PA Phone: 336-273-3335 Burlington, NC 27215Phone: 336-270-5622 Vin Bhagat, PA-C Jessica Milford, NP Myron Roddenberry, PA-C Fax: 336-273-3315Phone: 336-438-1060Fax: 336-585-1816Donna Carroll, NP Trevor Packer, NP-CDonielle M. Zimmerman, PA Fax: 336-438-1076 Jesse Cleaver, NP (Alliance Medical) Advanced Heart Failure Clinic Ajay S. Kadakia, MD Amy Clegg, NP Christopher Pavero, PharmD Vascular Surgery at Moses Cone Hospital CHMG HeartCare 108 E Northwood Street Anna Drane, PA-CAndy Quinn, NP Corrie Baglia, PA-C (Kernodle) Lindsay Roberts, NP (VVS) 1121 North Church Street at Church Street Greensboro, NC 27401 Angie Duke, PA-C Raquel Rodriguez-Guzman, PharmD Fallon Eileen Brown, NPGreensboro, NC 27401 1126 North Church Street, Suite 300 Phone: 336-574-2100Dayna Dunn, PA-C Amber Seiler, NP (AVVS) Phone: 336-832-9292 Greensboro, NC 27401Fax: 336-574-1260 Ryan Dunn, PA-C Brittainy Simmons, PA Emma Collins, PAFax: 336-832-9293Phone: 336-938-0800 Clint Fenton, NP Nicole Stephens, PA-CMatthew M. Eveland, PA-CFax: 336-938-0755Kernodle Clinic West Cadence Furth, PA-C (Kernodle)Samantha Rhyne, PAAlamance Surgical Associates 1234 Huffman Mill Road Lori Gerhardt, NP Brittany Strader, PA-C Sandra Setzer, PA-C at BurlingtonCHMG HeartCare Burlington, NC 27215 Callie Goodrich, PA-C Megan Supple, PharmD Kimberly Stegmayer, PA-C1041 Kirkpatrick Road, Suite 150at Drawbridge ParkwayPhone: 336-538-2381Tina Ann Hackney, NP Katie Thompson, PA-C(AVVS) Burlington, NC272153518 Drawbridge Parkway, Suite 220Fax: 336-538-2320 (ARMC) Michael Andy Tillery, PA-C Phone: 336-538-1888Greensboro, NC 27410 Laura Ingold, NP Renee Ursuy, PA-C Fax: 336-538-1313 Phone: 336-890-3020 Kernodle Clinic Mebane Lauren Kemp, PharmD Jacquelyn Visser, PA-CLuke Kilroy, PA-C Caitlin Walker, NP101 Medical Park Drive Krista Kroeger, PA-C Scott Weaver, PA-C Alamance Vein and Vascular Surgery CHMG HeartCare at Eden Mebane, NC 27302 Kathryn Lawrence, NP Delicia White, APRN2977 Crouse Lane 110 South Park Terrace, Suite A Phone: 336-506-1214Michele Lenze, PA (Kernodle) Burlington, NC 27215 Eden, NC 27288Fax: 919-563-2500 Phone: 336-584-4200 Phone: 336-627-3878 Fax: 336-584-3616Fax: 336-627-3870LeBauer-Brodie Centerfor CardiovascularAlliance Medical AssociatesCHMG HeartCare at Madison Research and EducationPHYSICIAN PRACTICES 2905 Crouse Lane401 West Decatur Street, Suite A 1121 North Church StreetBurlington, NC 27215Madison, NC 27025Greensboro, NC 27401 Phone: 336-538-2494 Phone: 336-938-0800Phone: 336-832-3799Fax: 336-538-2497Fax: 336-275-0433Fax: 336-832-7746Cone Health has In 2018,offered comprehensive Alamance Regional Atrial Fibrillation Clinic CHMG HeartCare Piedmont Cardiovascular, PA heart and vascular Medical Center began at Moses Cone Hospital at MedCenter High Point1910-A North Church Streetservices for Rockinghamproviding 24/7 emergency 1121 North Church Street 2630 Willard Dairy Road, Suite 301 Greensboro, NC 27405 County and Southside care for severe heart attacks and Greensboro, NC 27401 High Point, NC 27265Phone: 336-676-4388Virginia for more in 2020 dramatically enhanced Phone: 336-832-7033Phone: 336-884-3720Fax: 336-419-0042 than 20 years. its cardiovascular imaging Fax: 336-832-7634Fax: 336-884-3769capabilities, with a major new Triad Cardiacheart and vascular care centerCone Health Medical Group (CHMG) CHMG HeartCare and Thoracic Surgeryplanned for construction HeartCare at Annie Penn at MedCenter Kernersville301 East Wendover Avenue, Suite 411in 202223. 618 South Main Street 1635 NC Hwy 66 South, Suite 155 Greensboro, NC 27401 Our HeartCare Reidsville, NC 27320 Kernersville, NC 27284Phone: 336-832-3200 physician practices Phone: 336-951-4823 Phone: 336-938-0800Fax: 336-832-3201 in Asheboro, High Point Fax: 336-951-4550Fax: 336-275-0433 and Kernersville provideVascular and Vein Specialistsexceptional care across CHMG HeartCare at Asheboro CHMG HeartCare at Northline of Greensboro a wide range ofcardiovascular 542 White Oak Street 3200 Northline Avenue, Suite 250 2704 Henry Streetservices.Asheboro, NC 27203 Greensboro, NC 27408Greensboro, NC 27405Phone: 336-610-3720Phone: 336-938-0800Phone: 336-663-5700Fax: 336-610-3719Fax: 336-275-0433Fax: 336-663-573440 / CONE HEALTH'