b'Patient Value Health Care DisparitiesAddressing healthcare disparities in the communities we serve remains a top priority for Cone Health. Under the leadership of our Chief Health Equity O"cer, there has been progress in several key areas.In an e!ort to provide quality and equitable care to all, physicians have begun completing the requirement of cultural competence or cultural humility education as a new standard for maintaining clinical privileges within the Cone Health system. We are identifying and addressing health disparities. A multidisciplinary taskforce was formed that eliminated There is a signicantly increased risk of severethe use of a race-based kidney function (eGFR) blood complications from pneumonia in Black and African- test at Cone Health.We have joined several other leading American patients. We identied six areas to focusinstitutions in the U.S. that have made this change for more upon and have implemented interventions to mitigate thisequitable health care.An ad hoc taskforce will be exploring disparity.In our health system, the diagnosis ofother race-based algorithms to eliminate.schizophrenia disproportionately a!ects Black andOur work in this area focused on an aggressive e!ort African-American patients. The behavioral healthto reduce vaccine hesitancy among Black and brown community recognizes this as a known disparity. We havecommunities, promote vaccine availability and encourage put in place electronic tools to help create safeguards formore members of our communities to get the vaccine.We proper diagnosis to minimize any unintentional diagnosticlaunched and participated in Your Life Matters and Roll Up bias and will be monitoring the results of this intervention. Your Sleeves campaigns that included:The Cone Health Womens & Childrens Centers at Alamance-Community outreach.Regional Medical Center and Moses Cone Hospital have-Education and awareness.both joined the Premier Perinatal Improvement-Forming partnerships with local universities, religious.Collaborative, a national health equity initiative among congregations, social and civic organizations.200 hospitals across the United States to improve maternal-Sponsoring webinars and virtual town halls.health inequities. The collaborative is supported by the U.S.-Advertising and news coverage.Department of Health and Human Services.2021 ANNUAL REPORT (OCT 2020-SEPT 2021)11'