b'Leading Through ChangeLetter from Cone Health CEO Mary Jo Cagle, MDI am humbled and honored to lead such an amazing organization and team of dedicated and committed individuals. They are the reason Cone Health is a national leader in health care innovation, safety and quality. As I look to the future, I am condent that we will continue to build on our past accomplishments as we transform the future of health care. How will we go about transforming health care? The answer is simple: We will do it together. We will build on our unique culture where people do their best work, become their best selves and leave their marks on our organization and our communities.My vision for Cone Health is about impact. Its about doing something of signicance. Its about leaving something better than you found it. I want Cone Health to do something signicant for this community and the people who live here. Its not a question of making Cone Health successful. Weve always been successful. Its about signicance, and signicance is about adding value to others. We can change health outcomes for real people. People right here in the communities we serve. Thats generational work that will impact peoples lives for years to come. It is work of signicance.I invite you to nd your passionwhat really lights a re inside youand join me and Cone Health in making a signicant impactright here, right now.2021 ANNUAL REPORT (OCT 2020-SEPT 2021)3'