b'Access & GrowthCone Health MedCenter for WomenCone Health MedCenter for Women answers a need in our community. This two-story comprehensive and conveniently located campus o!ers exceptional care for women of all ages and stages of lifefrom tweens to the golden years, from puberty through pregnancy and into menopause. MedCenter for Women provides quality health care and support services for all women, regardless Cancer Center of their insurance status or ability to pay.Through the Oncology Speed of the Patient work, we have beenWeve made important choices in the design of this able to reduce new patient referral time to consult time at all cancerbuilding and the services available there. With great care campuses. Our primary focus is to reduce overall diagnosis tointentionality we have probed the social determinants treatment time, and the sooner we can see the patients the soonerof health and worked to address gaps women in our we can create a treatment plan.While cancer care has slowedcommunity experience on their health care journey. We during the pandemic, it has not stopped and we have been able too!er high-risk pregnancy experts and genetic counseling. expedite treatments for our patients. We o!er obstetrics and gynecology support, routine screenings, diagnostic testing and breastfeeding guidance, Through the Oncology Speed of the Patient work, we haveas well as onsite lab services. These services are bundled developed and recently implemented the Oncology Navigationwith e"ciency in mind. For those identied by a provider Registry. This registry allows the active management of a cancerwith a food need, an onsite nutrition and education patient to ensure they are meeting their milestones in care. Tocenter is available to ll a food prescription tailored for compliment that, we have a dashboard to analyze how we arethe individuals health needs. In addition, in October 2021, delivering equitable care.The registry will initially focus on breastCone Health will start o!ering the specialized services of and lung cancer patients, and will grow and evolve to include allurogynecology for the rst time.cancer types.This is in the early stages of implementation and weMay 3, 2021, First Patient Dayare very excited to have a tool like this to allow us to focus evenhttps://youtu.be/Wm4OS86mAi4more on reducing health care disparities.2021 ANNUAL REPORT (OCT 2020-SEPT 2021)13'