b'Philanthropy Really MattersNew Womens & Childrens Center Donor Wall Honors Employee GiftsWhile Cone Health sta! dedicate their professional lives to caring for women, infants and children, more than 50 employees and groups have also made personal donations in support of the new Cone Health Womens & Childrens Fund, which directly supports the service line and the greatest patient needs.We all worked in womens services together, so it seemed tting to honor Theresa with a cherry blossom in the new building, says In the Bill and Hughlene Frank Lobby located in the ConeSpurlock-Frizzell. Even though some of us have retired or moved to Health Womens & Childrens Center, which opened onother departments, we still support one another and consider each the Moses Cone Hospital campus in Feb. 2020, visitors,other our work family.patients and sta! are greeted by a colorful cherry tree-themed donor display.Names of those who give to theIn the new building, we are especially pleased patients have Womens & Childrens Fund are featured on blossoms andaccess to all Cone Health resources right there, adds Spurlock-butteries. Frizzell. For those of us in maternity admissions, we are excited about having windows and a big, bright physical setting. I have been dedicated to the womens campus a long time, and I see giving back as an extension of my passionI am passionate about underserved patients, especially women, for serving patients and their families, says Laurie Green,infants and children, receiving the funding, resources and RPh, PharmD, director of operations for maternal childprograms they need, shares Terri Craft, RNC-MNN, BSN, a Cone services and a dedicated 22-year Cone Health employee.Health case manager, who has also donated. To accommodate Our new NICU is progressive, patient-centered andpatients with multiple concerns, having state-of-the-art facilities family-centered. Families are not treated like visitors, butand co-located services means patients dont need to be extensions of their patients.transferred.For Jolynn Spurlock-Frizzell, RN, BAN, in maternityWhether giving is an extension of their professional passion, a way admissions, and her colleagues, giving as part of the donorto honor a colleague or loved one, or a desire to help underserved wall is a way to honor the loss of Theresa Slade, a belovedpatients, employee donors are committed to caring for the nurse and friend who worked at Cone Health for 30 yearscommunity and each other.To learn more, visit before succumbing to ovarian cancer in March 2019.www.conehealth.com/donorwall. . 22 2021 ANNUAL REPORT (OCT 2020-SEPT 2021)'