b'Navigating Two Pandemics Our COVID-19 ResponseIncreased access to vaccine appointments through automated and direct outreach.Vaccine webinars presented in partnership with community organizations.WFMY roundtables: Through Cone Healths 2 Your Well-Being partnership with WFMY News 2, Cone Health experts were featured weekly during the 5:30 p.m. news in roundtable interviews about COVID-19 followed by viewer Q&A. Advertising: TV, radio, print, billboards, online & social media ads around vaccine awareness & availability.Campaign Roll Out in 3 wavesWave 1Learn When to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine intro to the campaign using a simple message directing the community to the conehealth.com/vaccine landing page so they can learn the latest information around the vaccine.Wave 2Time to Roll Up Our SleevesLearn when to get your COVID-19 vaccine. Wave 3Lets Get Our (Sundays) BackThis wave shared a deeper meaning as to why we all need to get the vaccine and told individual stories about what people are looking forward to experiencing again once the virus is gone. Social media outreach: On Cone Healths social media channels, more than 55 post topics (and a total of 300 individual posts) were shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine: 6 Facts You Should Know article523,800 page views.5 Common Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety, Answered by Cynthia Snider, MD, MPH article22,800 page views.Your Life Matters: COVID-19 Vaccine Education and Awareness Webinars landing page4,000 page views.6 2021 ANNUAL REPORT (OCT 2020-SEPT 2021)'