b'CultureCulture are certied trainers for this communication module and will engage teams in learning these new tools. To increase awareness and communication, in January, we launched Authentic Moments w/Kiva.This video and podcast series features subject matter experts from Cone Health and the community to engage in no-holds-barred discussions on a range of topics surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion. These conversations are meant to educate, inform and feed curious mindsall part of how Cone Health cares for the whole person. We have received positive feedback from team members and the community and have featured topics such as COVID-19 vaccines and people of Diversity Equity and Inclusioncolor, Open Minds, Respectful Voices with NCCJ, and other topics such as our tattoo pics video:https://youtu.be/Af_ZLQsHrDcThriving at Cone HealthWe are closer to implementing the Cone Health Supplier Diversity Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion e!orts continue to thrive withProgram with the completion of the discovery phase. A supplier the success of several key accomplishments over the past yeardiversity program will ensure that we are including minority- and to include measurable progress in DEI Learning, Awareness andwomen-owned businesses as we purchase goods and services, Communication, Supplier Diversity, and Inclusion Network Groups.preferably in the communities that we serve. The deliverables for this phase included a summary of our purchasing policies and Every team member has been assigned DEI eLearning thatpractices, and a comprehensive product and service list. This equips them with the ability to recognize and address e!ects ofdata will move to the next phase of the project, which includes unconscious bias by challenging assumptions and supportingconducting an availability analysis of rms in our marketplace, a workplace culture that actively strives to be more inclusive.setting targets for utilization, and developing the supplier diversity Over 700 leaders (Leadership AllianceSupervisors) attendeddevelopment plan. an Exploring Everyday Bias course and received reference tools/guidelines to help reinforce their learning. Executive leadershipAll of our Inclusion Networks now have strategic plans that include participated in a learning experience Every Conversation Mattersone or more of the following focus areas:recruitment and retention, designed to help provide teams with the communication skills theycontributing to the community, and supporting professional need to have productive conversations and help turn those skillsdevelopment.into habits.Team members from Patient Experience and People + 2021 ANNUAL REPORT (OCT 2020-SEPT 2021)9'