Compliance and Integrity It is the intent of Cone Health to maintain sound and ethical standards in all that we do. Policies and procedures in support of these standards are in place throughout Cone Health. Compliance and Integrity policies and guidelines are available on Cone Connects, under Tools and Applications and Resources. I understand that as a Cone Health employee, I am required to support those policies and guidelines. I understand there is a Compliance and Privacy Help Line (855-809-3042) or I may report online at www. if I have any concerns. Both methods of communication can be anonymous if I choose and Cone Health has a policy of non-retaliation. Code of Conduct Many individuals and organizations that are not employed by Cone Health work closely with us as board members, vendors, independent contractors, students, medical professionals and specialists, volunteers and business partners (hereafter referred to as “affiliates”). Each of these groups are expected to honor and abide by Cone Health’s Code of Conduct and other Cone Health policies while working at any Cone Health facility or conducting business with or on behalf of Cone Health. Cone Health’s Code of Conduct is an important resource for all employees. It covers: • Cone Health’s commitment to compliance and privacy. • Expectations for affiliates about compliance and privacy. The Cone Health Compliance and Privacy Program helps employees with: • Workplace decisions about compliance and privacy through policies and guidance. • Ways to identify and avoid potential compliance and privacy violations. • Guidance on how to report or discuss a compliance or privacy concern. I understand that violation of the Code of Conduct may be grounds for corrective action, up to and including separation of employment. If I become aware of an actual or potential violation of the Cone Health Code of Conduct, or any violation of law or illegal or unethical conduct, I will promptly report it using the appropriate Cone Health Reporting Process. Please review the Code of Conduct via the link below. https:/ / integrity/ Conflict of Interest A conflict of interest is any relationship that could compromise an employee’s ability to perform his or her responsibilities objectively and/or to act in the best interests of Cone Health. The following examples would be considered conflicts of interest: • Employment by a competitor or potential competitor while employed by Cone Health • Direct or indirect ownership of, or substantial interest in, a company that is a competitor or a supplier of goods and services to Cone Health • Acceptance of gifts, payments or services from those doing business or seeking to do business with Cone Health • Serving as a director, officer, consultant or other key role with a company doing (or seeking to do) business with or competing with Cone Health • Hiring or contracting with a family member or a friend to provide goods and/or services to Cone Health • Any business or financial interest, or relationship you or a member of your family have that might appear to influence your ability to meet your obligations to Cone Health All Cone Health employees have a duty to disclose actual or potential conflicts as a condition of employment or affiliation. COMPLIANCE WITH CONE HEALTH EMPLOYEE WELCOME GUIDE 10