EMPLOYEE WELCOME GUIDE 21 NEED TO KNOW RESOURCES Time Clock Instructions Clock In or Out • Using the badge, swipe with the picture upside down and facing you. • Completed swipe – a single beep with the screen message, “Accepted punch,” employee number, time and date. • Incomplete swipe – multiple beeps with the screen, “Rejected punch, Error 04-1 punch rejected.” CHANGING YOUR WORK ACTIVITY Begin Callback Activity Begin Orientation Activity Begin Non-productive activity STEP 1 Press CALLBACK Softkey Press ORIENTATION Softkey Press NON-Productive Softkey STEP 2 Swipe badge Swipe badge Swipe badge *End Shift: Clock out (do not use End Activity) if you leave work after the activity. PAY CODES 8 44 79 47 79 Scheduled PAL (default code) Unscheduled PAL Low Census PAL Jury Duty Low Census PAL 22 16 19 45 46 WOA Sick PAL Bereavement Called off – No PAL used Conference From the Kronos Timeclock: