EMPLOYEE WELCOME GUIDE 23 Completed: This is commonly referred to as your “transcript.” This is an electronic record of your eLearning and classroom education obtained or registered through HealthStream. Any external to HealthStream or Cone Health education is not automatically stored on your transcript and can be manually entered by clicking on the “add a record” link at the bottom of the screen. Please note that this link should only be used to document education not offered through HealthStream. Also, in the “Completed” tab is the CE tracker. This is commonly used by health care professionals to demonstrate continued competence to regulatory agencies and licensing boards. This tracker requires initial setup by clicking “open CE tracker.” You must have an active, valid license number in HealthStream for CE credits to show on your account. You can add/edit this information by clicking on the “Profile” tab. This transcript or record should not be your only source of documentation and you should print any CE credit certificates earned and store them in a NEED TO KNOW RESOURCES Profile: This tab allows you to enter personal, professional and supporting education documents in HealthStream. For some professionals, this can serve as an ePortfolio. The ePortfolio and transcript are accessible after you leave Cone Health using a HealthStream ID. The HealthStream ID access allows certain profile elements you earned or documented in HealthStream (e.g., BLS information) to be accessible/shared with other HealthStream sites you belong to. This will allow you to maintain a lifelong learning record as you evolve in your career. To set up this access, follow the prompts given after you click on “Profile” for the first time. When prompted, be sure to enter your PERSONAL email address when asked for an email address. This process is to set up a HealthStream ID that will allow you to access HealthStream only AFTER you leave Cone Health and cannot be used while you are still employed at Cone Health. This HealthStream ID is separate from your login ID/account at your HealthStream site. Remember that all communication about your HealthStream account will go to your CONE HEALTH email address while you work at Cone Health. Catalog: This tab allows you to search for eLearning and classroom activities. Search the catalog by using one or two key words about the subject or course title you are interested in. You can search for FREE CE courses as well as One-Source courses by clicking the links at the top of the page. One-Source courses are eLearning classes about products we use at Cone Health, such as the Alaris IV Pump.