EMPLOYEE WELCOME GUIDE 15 Security Alerts EVENT Missing Infant/Child 18 yrs. Armed Intruder/Shooter/ Hostage Situation/ Threat of Violence Bomb Threat/ Suspicious Package Emergency Lockdown RECOMMEND PLAIN LANGUAGE Security Alert + Infant/Child Abduction + Descriptor (gender) + Last Seen Location Security Alert + Missing Person + Descriptor (Age, gender) + Last Seen Location Security Alert + (Instruction) + Descriptor + (Type of Threat) + Location Security Alert + (Type of Threat) + Descriptor + Location Security Alert + Controlled Access + Descriptor +Location NOTES Yes. Same as announcement Yes. Same as announcement Yes. Same as announcement (Radio Communications to Officers with additional details) Sent via email and phone notification to identified areas and responders with additional details Yes. Same as announcement (Radio Communications to Officers with details as needed) SAMPLE SCRIPTING Overhead Page: Security Alert Infant Abduction, male infant, last seen in room 322. Overhead: Security Alert Missing Person 65 year old female wearing a hospital gown last seen 4th Floor West Wing. Overhead: Security Alert, active shooter, 1st floor atrium. Initiate lockdown of all units and shelter-in- place until further notice. Security Alert, Bomb Threat, Search your area for suspicious packages or items and notify Security of any. Overhead: Attention, Security Alert, Emergency Lockdown Emergency Department. Medical Alerts EVENT Medical Emergency or Incident RECOMMEND PLAIN LANGUAGE Medical Alert + (Type of Emergency-Incident) + Descriptor + Location NOTES Not Overhead paged. No Alertus Messages. Send via Emergency response Team, Pagers and phones based on campus procedures SAMPLE SCRIPTING CULTURE OF SAFETY