EMPLOYEE WELCOME GUIDE 20 CULTURE OF SAFETY Medical Safety Devices Federal law requires a report on all incidents where there is reasonable suspicion that a medical device caused or contributed to a patient’s serious injury, serious illness or death. Incidents are reportable if they: • Require surgery or medical intervention. • Result in permanent impairment of a body function. • Permanently damage a body structure. If a person is injured by a medical device: • Take care of patient’s immediate need • Remove device from use • Label device – “Do Not Use” – with a date and time • Alert supervisor, and work with supervisor to complete Safety Zone Portal Sharps Safety Sharps safety devices are for your protection and, by law, you MUST use them! Examples of sharps safety devices: • IM/SQ needles and syringes • Needle-less IV tubing sets • Safety lancets • Phlebotomy devices • IV safety catheter ALWAYS discard sharps, and ONLY sharps, in a sharps disposal container! Safety devices MUST be activated before disposal! Compressed Gases Safety/Storage Tanks must be chained or stored to prevent falling. Compressed gas tanks will be stored in the following four ways: • Full, unopened/unused • Ready to use • Opened tanks and have more than 500 psi • Empty tanks and have 500 psi or less Radiation Safety When in any Radiology area, pay close attention to signs, especially in the MRI area. Cone Health has several MRI units within our organization, which are magnetic and are always on. Please follow authorized personnel instructions when in those areas. Ferrous items, such as jewelry, keys, etc., can cause serious injury and/or damage the scanner when near MRI machines. Security Security officers are available to provide evening escort and are responsible for all lost and found items. Keypads are placed on some entrances and exits to patient care areas. Directors of the area you are working in will provide access on a need-to-know basis. Safe Patient Handling Policy Cone Health is committed to providing the highest level of safety in every environment in which care is delivered. All patient transfers/lifting will be done safely and appropriately to protect the employee and patient from injury. All patient lifting, shifting or transferring will be completed based on assessment, utilizing mechanical lift equipment and/or other approved patient handling aids. An injury to a health care professional from patient transfer/lifting activities directly affects the quality of life for our staff members and patients. Therefore, it is crucial that health care professionals practice safe lifting, transporting and proper body mechanics at all times. Mechanical lifting equipment and/or other approved patient handling aids are key components in this effort. Contact departmental leadership for specific information regarding safe patient handling for the area in which you will be working. Pastoral Care Cone Health has chaplains available to patients and families 24 hours a day. A chaplain may be consulted by paging 319-2795 beeper.