EMPLOYEE WELCOME GUIDE 24 Event Calendar: This tab allows you to search for live classes, this includes virtual classes as well. Search the event calendar by using one or two key words about the subject or course title you are interested in. NEED TO KNOW RESOURCES Help: This tab provides an index and a search bar to assist you in locating anything in HealthStream. Search the help section by using one or two key words, not whole phrases or sentences. Registering for Classes How Do I Register for a Class? 1. In HealthStream, search the event calendar using one or two words in the class title. 2. Once you’ve located the class, click on the title of the class you would like to take. 3. Click “enroll.” 4. On the next screen, click “choose class.” 5. Click “register” next to the class date and time that you would like to attend. 6. Once you are enrolled and registered, you will get an email at your Cone Health email confirming your registration. Please check your Cone Health junk/spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. How Do I Know Where to Go for My Class? 1. On your “To Do” tab, the live class will be listed and the location, building and classroom will be listed under the class title. 2. You can also find the street address by clicking on the title of the class or by navigating to the “Connections” tab and choosing “Street Addresses.” How Will I Know If a Class is Cancelled or Rescheduled? If a class is changed in any way or cancelled, you will be notified by email to your Cone Health email address. How Will I Know That I Have Been Assigned Education? If you have been assigned eLearning or a class, you will be notified by email to your Cone Health email address. How Do I Turn Off Notifications from Healthstream? The only way to stop email alerts from HealthStream is to complete the education that the email alert is about. Contact the HealthStream Administrator for questions or problems regarding alerts.