EMPLOYEE WELCOME GUIDE 13 CULTURE OF SAFETY EMTALA – Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act If a patient arrives on hospital property seeking medical care, we are obligated to provide a screening and exam. • The patient must receive a medical screening examination to determine whether an emergency medical condition exits. . • Cone Health and its affiliates cannot turn a patient away for any reason and should take the patient to the emergency department. • Do not delay examination or treatment in order to inquire about the patient’s insurance or payment status. Safety/Quality Concerns Cone Health, The Joint Commission and the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) are committed to patient safety and quality care. If I have a concern regarding safety or quality, I should notify the immediate supervisor of a higher-level leader in the area I am working in. If concerns continue, I have the right to directly contact: The Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring The Joint Commission One Renaissance Boulevard Oak Branch Terrace, Illinois 60181 Phone: 630-792-5800 or 800-994-6610 www.jointcommission.org/report_a_complaint.asp Email address: patientsafetyreport@jointcommission.org North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation Acute and Home Care Branch 2711 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 29699-2706 Phone: 800-624-3004 www2.ncdhhs.gov/dhsr/ciu/filecomplaint.html Risk Management Any incidents that may have adverse consequences for patients, visitors and affiliates providing care, treatment and services should be reported immediately to the instructor, charge nurse, director of the area you are working in and followed up with a completed Safety Zone Portal. The Safety Zone Portal is an automated reporting system for unexpected non-sentinel incidents and medication events. All reports entered into the Safety Zone Portal automatically go to the Risk Management Department. National Patient Safety Goals The purpose of the National Patient Safety Goals is to improve patient safety. Providing a culture of safety is a priority of Cone Health and as a Cone Health employee I understand I am required to support these safety goals. In the event of questions regarding the specific role I play in supporting these goals, I understand I am to address these with the supervisor of the area I am working in. The goals are as follows: • Identify patients correctly • Improve staff communication • Use medicines safely • Use alarms safely • Prevent infection • Identify patient risks • Prevent mistakes in surgery